To Rock Mint Style simply means to Rock a Cool Look. Take your outfit and elevate it to the next level with simple additions like cool jewelry, a stylish bag, or great shoes. The following looks show you how to Rock Mint Style.   Add Jenny Bird Jewelry   Rock vibrant lips, cool shoes and a banded boxer   Mix Chanel with boho layered friendship bracelets    Bold Lips with Glam    Pointy toe pump with jeans and a cool backpack   Mix and layer designer jewelry like Marcia Moran or Tat2 Designs with Street Style fashion.  



ALI LAMU was a fisherman who one day when the sea was rough and impossible for fishing came to Daniela Bateleur, a traveling photographer, asking her for a job. She told him that unfortunately she didn’t have a job but asked him if he knew where she could buy some of the old dhow sails (in Swahili called TANGA) because she always loved the material. She always looked at it as a piece of art designed by the wind, the salt of the sea water, the sun, the rain, and years of traveling over the ocean.Ali came back a few days later with a very old tanga. Daniela thought that the color was just magnificent and impossible to reproduce even if one tried because the weather and years were the master...