We fell in love with these bags because of how cool they are and the beautiful story behind them. In 2008, a struggling fisherman named Ali Lamu knocked on the heartbroken Daniela Bateleur's door. Daniela was a photgrapher and artist. Little did they know this encounter would lead to love between the two of them and prosperity for Lamu, their island community off the coast of Kenya. Daniela needed an old dhow sail to paint. Ali found her a sail and after he brought it back, the two painted it together. One painted dhow sail turned into several handcrafted weekend bags sharing messages of hope and love. Ali and Daniela are now married and have a studio filled with bags created by them and several local fishermen. Each bag is made from recycled dhow sails that have been weathered by the wind, sun and sea . A portion of the wholesale proceeds help the local fisherman of Lamu.

Ali Lamu